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Buyer beware! This company is a scam. This unethical group of rip off artists goes by these names Rosewholesale, Sammydress, Rosegal, Dresslily, Rosewe, Choies, a happy deal, Globalegrow, Everbuying, fashiondresswholesale, Mart of China, Yeegow, on Ebay they are Global_egrow, probably more.

All part of a company called Yigou International Group, (with a ghost website)

Under that umbrella they are Everbuying, and Globalegrow

Located at various (real or fake) addresses in the 4th Industrial Zone, Shenzhen Guangdong, China under the name of Mike Yu

Read the negative reviews on those FB pages. (Update they have been deleting many negative comments)

All these people are getting ripped off!

I fell for their scam and I am trying to get my money back thru Paypal

Their idea of help: I should give the clothes to a friend, and they will give me a 5% discount on your next order! A bunch of BS

Every single company has hundreds of extreme complaints against it, varying from orders not shipped, orders placed - weeks later claimed not in production anymore,

broken or not working, wrong sizes, wrong color, wrong item, sewing that could have been done better by a child, fabric so thin it wouldn't make it through a wash, and numerous more!

The one thing in common is they always have your money in their pocket. Refunds are very seldom given, only partial refunds( I was offered 6.00 after spending over 100.00 Or 5% off my Next order )

Most complainants tell of waiting months to a year before finally giving up. Being blocked from phone calls, their account disabled, no responses to emails, even not refunding for out of stock items.

People who have tried to cancel their orders are delayed and not responded to until finally someone tells them "Oh that has already shipped we can't refund you"

File a dispute as soon as possible with your bank or paypal.. These guys will try to drag out emails and promises until the complaint time limits are up! Don't give them any chances. They have no problem lying.


This was sent to my personal email by 'service@intl.paypal.com' with all the details of my PayPal dispute. PayPal has confirmed it is a Phishing Scam!

Monetary Loss: $106.

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Shenzhen, Guangdong, China #1156000

Dear Customer,

Let me start by apologizing personally for your experience. We really want to work with you to make this right.

Would you minding sending us your order number so that we can resolve the issue priority?

Once again we apologize for any inconveniemce we may have caused. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Your patronage is important to us, and we hope that you’ll continue to give us opportunities to serve you.

Sammydress Customer Service http://www.sammydress.com/


This company is a scam! My girlfriend purchased a couple of items from them.

The size was not even close to what it was suppose to be. After a month of emailing them they said she could either get $3.50 credit (the items cost $15) or she could mail them (at her expense) to China to get a refund.



I to, sad to say, was duped into making a purchase through SammyDress, as they had some unique styles and because I felt comfortable proceeding, given their affiliation with Paypal. Well, after two weeks, I learn that I must provide photographic evidence that I authorized the payment that they acknowledged had been received.

I objected to request to provide a photo of my card and driver's license, as those can be used to commit fraud. I cancelled the order and Paypal sent an email advising of a full refund (we'll see when and if that is processed). As a former attorney, it seems the best way to deal with these rip off artists in China, is to cut off their source of income through Paypal. I intend therefore to file a complaint in CA against Paypal, which in my opinion, has been facilitating fraud, if not actually conspiring with these scam artists, as it is undoubtedly aware of the fraud being committed by these companies that it has partnered with as a transaction facilitator.

Cut off the funding and you cut off the companies. Yet, these are the same bogus companies that obama wants us to do business with by signing the secret trade agreements recently. Time to do something that Congress and the Administration should have done long ago, protect us from the foreign scam artists.

I doubt that Paypal will want to continue their relationship with these companies after the media exposure this case will surely generate.

to Anonymous #1079905

LMAO Last place i expected to read about yet another thing being Obama's. Were you hit as a child?

OBAMA's FAULT!! Someone cut you off in traffic today? OBAMAAAAAA!!!!!

The soup your ordered at Panera Bread came out cold? *** YOU AGAIN OBAMA!!!!

North Carolina, United States #882644

I have also had similar issues with this company. Their websites promise great clothing for great prices but its all cheaply made and looks nothing like it does on the site.

They refused to refund me anything in full, even if I had not worn it and eventually stopped responding to my emails. To NOT buy from these people, you will not be satisfied!

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